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Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Monday, April 18

Cynthia, Kiyoshi and Rarisa took a week off from their work to help Cynthia in her tragic loss of her father. Funeral was set for 23rd April, Saturday.
Russet’s CEO Levin took the charge of making funeral arrangements.


Police had another session with Rishi. Picture was clear that someone tried to assassinate him by making it seem like a carjacking hit and run accident but things went terribly wrong for the assailants because Rishi had his own cunning but suicidal plan.
Detective said with a frog like smile pointing to the baggie trouser that Rishi wore hide fire-hydrant to fool the assailants, “Why did you buy this specific trouser?”
“Man got to wear a pant.”
“How many trousers you got here?”
Rishi said, counting on his finger, “three including this one.”
“I know, I know, I know, you had a scheme ready in advance, however suicidal. You dodged a man but there was another. You fool, you got lucky. Water saved your life.”
“I know, I know, I know.”
“How you know?”
“How I know about what?”
“That a hit is being placed upon your head?”
“Buddha told me. My room is behind the temple.”
Detective had another frog like smile. He was now whistling now. He was trying to comprehend what Rishi said. Many crazies claim that god speaks to them. Buddha told this crazy - it was a possibility too after all he is staying in the temple.
“I see, Buddha told you to buy this specific oversized trouser.”
“No, I bought it because it was the best value for the money.”
“In what sense it was the best value for your money?”
“It has lots of fabric for seven dollars. I can put all camping gear in its pockets.”
“You have any camping gear?”
“I had to buy the pants first to make a room for the stuff that I will buy from some yard sale.”
Froggie had no idea if this fool was pulling his leg or was a genuine crazy.
“Where do you plan to camp?”
“Next Saturday, hope I get lucky to find the camping gear in the yard sales, I will fill up my pants and then take a hike.”
“You should take a hike now Pal, they may be coming after you again.”
“Buddha will take care of me.”
“Mr. Buddha may be busy this time taking care of others.”
“You are right too.”
“Yeah, I am right too. I suggest you pack up your pants and stay somewhere.”
“Thank, anyway I don’t like food here. I am living on tea.”
“See that makes it easy.”
“Can I have my cell-phone back?”
“Sure, you can have it back.”
Rishi was expecting him to leap but Froggie rose slowly, adjusted his suspenders and pants on his oversized belly.
“Want to have another tea; I am going to make it with my own recipe?” Rishi asked him.
“Like what?”
“I put a pinch of everything that grows here, like thuja, arnica, poplar, jasmine, rose, grass, pine, cypress, rhododendron, euphorbia, eucalyptus, phytolacca, calendula and all. I boil the water till half is gone.”
“Probably that tea gives you visions.”
“Want to have some?”
“No thanks. You enjoy your tea.”

They checked Rishi’s phone records and Buddhist Center’s records and also took the testimony of Misuki. Russet Frazier was a suspect but he was dead. Police was checking his phone records too. Both assailants arrived from Italy and police had got their phones. Pete’s phone was charred but Police was able to know the number. It was understood that it was a paid Mafia hit but things went terribly wrong. They advised Rishi to leave the area and stay somewhere else inconspicuous location.

At 11am Rishi was given his phone. As he turned it on, Mike McDonald was calling him.
“Hello Mikey, what’s up?”
“Did you clean my yard, the day before?”
“Oh thanks buddy, but that was not necessary.”
“I can come today and rake leafs if you want?”
“You can come here anytime buddy, you don’t have to rake leafs.”
“OK, pick me up from the BART station; I will be there in one hour.”
Mike said in excitement, “I thought you were kidding to just please me.”
“No, uncle Mikey, I wanted to have another apple-pie.”
“See you at BART in one hour then.”
“See you.”
“Hey wait; please tell Dr. Cynthia Frazier that uncle Mikey was very sorry to know about her father,” Mike McDonald said, “I know what you feel when you lose a parent.”
“Look can I stay over with your for a night or two. You can invite Cynthia at your place tomorrow; your place is good for healing her wounds.”
“Oh sure, oh sure, oh sure, my home is a very lucky home.”
Rishi gathered his belongings in a backpack and said goodbye to monks in Buddhist Center, Mitsuki was not there. Rishi knew that for some years Mitsuki won’t be having any rest. Rishi felt sorry for Mitsuki but there was no other alternative in sight.


Mitsuki was still wearing monk’s clothes, was very busy with Russet Frazier’s executives and attorneys. He was seeing people one by one and gradually grasping the picture of Russet Frazier’s vast empire. There was a fear in the mind of all staffers, about their jobs because Russet Frazier ran his empire with iron-fist and ruthless efficiency. Mutsuki when left his own empire was equaled or greater than Russet Frazier’s, in those times, six years ago.
Mitsuki didn’t like Russet Frazier’s office; it didn’t offer him good view. He walked around in the building, executives tugging behind him and talking and selected a room where he could see the trees. That room served as the computer and communication hub. He ordered to relocate those equipments to be relocated and summoned the architect who was on the payroll. When architect arrived, he gave him rough sketch, architect understood that Mitsuki wanted to design and decorate the room with bare minimum furniture, and cabinets but with many plants. It could take one week to relocate the equipments and convert the room into an office.
He selected a temporary office for him, a small room but with a view to the trees. While he was discussing matters with the Russet Frazier Corporation’s top staffers, his room was being furnished. A comfortable and very expansive looking reclining chair, a mahogany table, and other chairs for visitors were being relocated there from other offices.


Rishi arrived at the BART station where Mike McDonald was supposed to pick him up. He tried to call Mike but his cell-phone battery was dead. He waited for him at the curb, and Mike McDonald arrived and picked him up.
He stopped the car at a pizzeria, Rishi ate egg plant Perm with lots of oregano and Mike ate Chicken perm without any oregano. Rishi saw crushed leafs of oregano, first time in his life and loved it. Mike paid the bill and then took Rishi to the real estate company, Rishi waited in his car and Mike returned after half hour looking sad.
“Well, Rishi. I took my home, off the contract with Real Estate Company. I will try to sell it by myself.”
“No body made you any offer yet?”
“I have some offers but I don’t trust those people. Of-course they will sign the contract with me and agree on my conditions. Then they may slowly kill the trees, or just damage them or mutilate them. I can’t keep an eye on them and then for each little thing if I go to court, I will be financially ruined. I can sell my property to only whom I trust, some gentle man like you.”
Rishi laughed. “Mikey I don’t even have two million rupee.”
Mike McDonald stopped his car at the Home Depot. They went inside the store and he bought four large display signs ‘For sale by Owner’.
Mike made last stop at supermarket where Mike bought groceries and a large apple-pie. They reached at his home at 3pm.
Mike McDonald had an aluminum extension ladder; Rishi brought it out from his garage and nailed the signs on the trees on all sides of the yard where people could read.
Mike made coffee at picnic table they had it with apple-pie.
Then Rishi placed the ladder to the roof and removed leafs from his rain gutters around the house. Mike was silently thanking and looking at him in admiration, he could never clean those gutters himself; he was too old to climb on the ladder and to walk over the sloping roofing singles. He had to hire someone and was postponing it to save money. After Rishi cleaned the roof and gutters, he sat on the picnic table and plugged his phone for charging at 6pm.


Mitsuki went to other floors of the building, talked with many people, asked them many questions and heard what they have to say. Then he met with the company attorneys, Cynthia too arrived there with Dr. Kiyoshi and Rarisa. They wanted to bring Rishi along but he was wondering in the streets, somewhere and was not accessible. He left his cell-phone in his room. Area around her eyes was swollen with the wailing. She signed many documents to make Mitsuki the sole and chief executor of Russet Frazier Corporation with all the powers. Bank officials arrived there with more documents to replace Russet Frazier’s name with his name on all company accounts. Ordeal was yet not over by 6pm, he and Cynthia were to meet again with banks, insurance companies and officials to make the smooth transfer.
When everybody else left, Cynthia, Kiyoshi and Rarisa were left.
“Come Cynthia San, I will show you my office.”
He took them to top floor where Russet Frazier had office. When Cynthia looked at her father’s office she again wept. She went inside; Russet Frazier had her picture, when she was a little girl, on the desk facing his chair. They let her mourn there alone and stood outside. When she returned, Mistuki took them to the communication room where his new office was to be built. He took them to his temporary office, it 30x20 room, now fully furnished. Two electricians were there with extension ladder, installing communication cables through the ceiling acoustic tiles.
Mitsuki told the electricians to continue whatever they were doing. He walked to the boss’s chair and placed the mineral water bottle that Rarisa gave him on the airport.
Mitsuk bowed to the bottle with tearful eyes. They all bowed to the bottle.
He said, “I work for the Buddha.”
Kiyoshi said, “We all work for him.”
“He is wondering in the streets.” Cynthia sobbed, “Wish we had paraded him here to show him, this billions dollars empire is his now.”
Mitsuki said, bowing again to the water on the boss’s chair, “He is the King of kings; everything in the world is his. Streets are his, parks are his, skies are his, rivers are his, mountains are his, air is his, flowers are his, and fragrance is his. He is the owner and we are the slaves of fate.”
Rarisa said, “Where you will sit Mitsuki San?”
Mitsuki san sat on a chair where he could see the trees.
“I will sit here till they build a new office for the Emperor.”
They all laughed.
They all sat down on the chairs.
Cynthia pointed to the water bottle, “Since the boss is here, let’s decide few things first.”
“Mitsuki, recently my father was involved in a company in Bangalore India. Its name is LaserGear, please look into the matter. Ask Rishi what he wants to do about it.”
“Consider it is done.”
“Second thing, my home that I left, I want to convert it into a monastery.”
“Consider it is done.”
“Third and last thing, tomorrow, we will all go to a property owned by Rishi’s friend Mike McDonald. I want to buy it for a Buddhist Retreat; we will buy it on the spot pending paperwork.”
“Consider that too is done; anything else?”
“Let’s go Mitsuki San, we all are very tired.”
They rose and left the office.
They found, Chief Executive was waiting for them, he said with a smile, “I can order a chopper if it is convenient.”
“No thanks.”
“Mine is coming, to take me to my home in San Jose; you can join us for dinner.”
Cynthia knew him. She said, “Thanks Mr. Levin, some other time.”
“Anytime you wish. Sorry for your loss, your father Mr. Russet Frazier was a very good man.”
Cynthia was laughing inside her mind and Levin guessed it. After all he was intelligent enough to become a CEO of a billions dollars empire.
Mitsuki said, “Levin I will join you to your home for dinner, we have to talk about few things. Anyway I am used to begging food from other’s home because I am a monk.”
“Mr. Takahari, it would be a pleasure.”
“Please call me Mitsuki.”
They heard the helicopter. It was hovering on the roof to land.
Kiyoshi, Cynthia and Rarisa went to their cars and Levin and Mitsuki went to lobby to take the elevator to the roof.


Rishi was raking leafs when Mike came to him to hand him his cell-phone that was ringing. It was Cynthia.
“Rishi where are you.”
“Guess where.”
“I can hear birds. You are with Mike McDonald, Right?”
“Right, he is very sorry about your father.”
“That is so nice of him, say my hello to him.”
“I asked Mistuki to buy his property to make it a Buddhist Retreat. Tomorrow we all are coming to see it again.”
“I will give him news, you can save the Realtor commission now because today I have nailed ‘For sale by Owner’ signs on the trees.”
Cynthia laughed.
She said, “And yeah, also I have to visit to my home tomorrow. There is nobody. You should go there to sleep or make it your home till you are in United States? Police also wants you to stay away from that place.”
Rishi was happy to be at Mike McDonald’s home but he said, agreeing, “Yes, I can do it, I promised Mike that I will sleep with him and I can still keep my promise.”
Cynthia laughed. “Yeah, take him with you there. That home will be a monastery soon.”
“I am proud of you Cynthia, you decide things fast.”
“Not as fast as you Rishi San, not as fast as you.”
“Bye Cynthia San.”
“Bye Rishi San. Hey don’t end the call, let me say hello to your uncle Mikey.”
Rishi shouted to Mike, he was trying to get lawnmower going. Rishi gave him the phone.
“Dr. Cynthia wants to say hello.”
Mike McDonald was enthralled that Dr. Cynthia Frazer was now his friend too and wants to talk with him.
Mike told her how sorry he was to know about her father that he actually wept at her loss because she visited him just one day before. They talked for some minutes, it was apparent that Cynthia didn’t tell him about his property. After final bye he ended the call.

“Hey Mikey, we wasted money and nails for those signs.”
“Buddhist nuts will be buying your property tomorrow.”
“But I have my conditions?”
“Uncle Mikey, if they need to buy a property they can buy any other. They want to buy your property because of the trees.”
Rishi feared Mike McDonald may have a heart attack with joy, but he got over the news.
“Let’s celebrate Rishi; I have a six pack of beers.”
“Yes OK.”
“Hey, hey, hey, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Dr Cynthia Frazier told me not to let you drink more than one beer and asked me to make sure you are taking your medicines.”
“Ok then one beer.”
Mike pressed one eye. “I will let you drink two beers because I am a nice guy.”
“We have to drink it at Cynthia’s home. She asked me to sleep there. You can come.”
“Nah I can’t go, I will be uncomfortable to stay at billionaire’s home.”
“Come on Mike; let’s go there, its empty except a Filipino maid.”
Mike was very excited. This Rishi was bringing him luck after luck. Now he will be staying at Mean Mighty Billionaire Russet Frazier’s home.
“Huh,” Mike said, “you say we wasted money and nails for those signs.”
“I am sorry that you wasted your time and effort to nail those sign.”
“That was not a waste because that was a joy to hug the trees.”


Mitsuki wasted no time in the half hour ride in the helicopter.
“Mr. Levin it is about some company LaserGear in India.”
“Yes, it was Russet’s latest catch.”
“Tell me about it and tomorrow I want to see complete details.”
“Mr. Mitsuki it is big mess right now, Russet was going to sort it out his way.”
They talked about LaserGear, Mitsuki understood that it was not going to be an easy job because there were many secret deals and lose ends that only Russet Frazier knew. Levin also whispered in his ears that many unethical and illegal angles, that Russet was using or used to manipulate LaserGear or many other companies. Levin had no choice but to tell this to Mitsuki because only Mitsuki had to key to the vast coffer and he was only and CEO.
Mitsuki understood that the job to run Russet Frazier’s measureless Empire was not a cakewalk or at least in the beginning. It was only half hour ride on helicopter to Levin’s home. Helicopter waited for him another half hour till he had dinner with Levin.
At the end he instructed Levin. “Let’s see what we can do to restore LaserGear to its original owners in such a way we make money and they get what was theirs.”
“Sure we can find some such solution. It is possible but not easy, it was never Russet’s policy though.”
“Now a monk is running the business, Mr. Levin. Now on our police is: Live and let live.”
Helicopter started and it was impossible to listen and also neighbors were always complaining to Levin and to the authorities about the helicopter noise.
Levin shouted, shoving Mitsukin to the helicopter, “Leave now or let the helicopter go. We have noise complains here.”

Helicopter dropped Mitsuki at the Russet Frazier’s head quarter. He took the elevator down and returned to the Buddhist Center at midnight, in his car.


It was noon in Bangalore India, CEO of Russet Corporation called Arvind, President of LaserGear Corporation and asked him to reach San Francisco without delay. He mentioned that new Chairman Mr. Mitsuki wants to restore his company to its original promoters, invited him to come and is keen to workout some solution equally beneficial to both parties.

Arvind was sitting in his office, looking fragile and almost lifeless. He took the news; his eyes were gaping at the window for ten minutes.
Was it a dream or what?
Smile and colors have begun returning to his face. He called his wife and gave her the news.
She said, “Wow! Wow! Wow! Is it the doing of Rishi?”
“How can I know? It is probably him or who else?”
“I will call Jatin and girls, we will party today. I will buy the fireworks.”
“Wait it is too early, first let me go to San Francisco, who knows it may be a practical joke, Rishi is expert in playing jokes.”


Rishi threw his backpack in the back of Mike McDonald’s car and Mike McDonald threw his pajama and toothbrush upon it. He drove the car to the T section and made a right to the road that dead ended to Russet Frazier’s gargantuan estate. At the cast iron gate Rishi got down and punched the security code and stood by the video camera. Gate opened.
Rishi sat in the car as Mike was drive to enter in the estate; a car was coming from the estate. It was Elysia, she stopped the car by their car, and she looked very pale and scared.
“Hello Elysia, I though you will be staying in the home.”
“Not me, I am never going there again. Russet Frazier’s ghost is there, I saw him with my own eyes.”
Rishi said with his famous impish smile, “Did he say something about me, if he has to haunt anybody in the world it should be only and only I.”
“No but he is everywhere, very angry.”
“Did he break any china or plates to scare you?”
“I don’t know, I spent only half hour there. I was cooking food and then I felt his presence. I saw him and ran.”
“OK, I will go say hello to him.”
“Please don’t go there. I beg you, please don’t go there.”
Rishi laughed. Elysia drove away never to return to her good paying job.
Mike McDonald was shivering with fear, he too looked pale.
“What thinking are you doing Mikey, let’s say hello to Pop Russet.”
“Errrrrrr dddddddd bubbbbbb. Ghuuuuuuuuu ghoooooooosh, dere.”
“I thought you always wanted to meet him.”
“Daaaaaa daaaaaaa naaaaaaaa naaaaaaaaaaaaaa.”
Rishi said, picking up his backpack, “OK Mikey, I guess you don’t want to see him. Well then we postpone beers for tomorrow.”
“Juuuuuuu sit in daaaa kaaaaaaaaaar byk,” Mike said, putting the car in reverse to run away.
But Rishi was gone inside and motion sensors closed the gate automatically. Mike McDonald sped up in no time.
Rishi opened the door that Cynthia said, would stay unlocked for as long as Rishi was in United States.
“Hoy daddy o daddy, hoy Papa Russet,” Rishi shouted to amuse himself.
Then he said in Punjabi, “Hoy bai Russet, kiddan.”
Then he said in Hindi and then Urdu and in Kannada and then in broken halting Spanish. Wish he knew Chinese and Japanese or other languages.
He went to the room that he was in previously and threw the backpack on the bed. Took a tour of the whole house, visited Cynthia’s and Russet Frazier’s rooms.
“Hello, my dear fellow Russet, how do you do man?”
He came to kitchen, opened the room sized refrigerator, there was a six pack of Heineken beers. He opened two bottles, took one and left other for Russet’s ghost on the glass table in the atrium, in case ghosts do exists and Russet was there. Why take a chance?
He sat on the main sofa in Atrium said cheers to the other bottle and drank it slowly. He went to kitchen, Elysia was making mixed vegetable noodles for him, pan was still on the stove, it appeared that she ran away leaving behind everything as it was. Rishi cleaned up the mess. Turned on the stove to minimum, to cook the noodles, located Soya Sauce in the pantry. Then he had another bottle of Heineken. He had temptation to drink the third one but felt something ballooning in his liver region. Phone rang but Rishi let it ring. It rang again and again, he placed the mouthpiece away from the phone, after some beeping it quitened.


Elysia called Cynthia that she saw Russet Frazier’s angry ghost in the home and she was quitting the job. Cynthia was very scared, not one problem has solved another appeared. Dr. Kiyoshi called 411 to obtain Mike McDonald’s phone number. Mike McDonald said he tried to stop Rishi but he passed through the gate, to inside the estate, to say hello to Russet Frazier’s ghost. He said he tried to stop him but he was gone. Also Mike McDonald added he himself saw Russet’s angry ghost making a gesture to them with his hand to come inside. And at the end he told that Rishi had left his cell-phone on his picnic table.

Cynthia called her home, bell rang several time. She tried again and again and then line was dead. She cursed her father – you were always restless, you never let me like before and will not let me live now.
Dr. Kiyoshi was assured that Rishi was safe in the haunted home; he will wrestle out Russet Frazier’s ghost, if it existed. Cynthia was not sure, he may be Buddha for men but wrestling with ghosts is other things. It was not an ordinary ghost but mean Russet Frazier’s.


It was 10pm, night had thickened. Rishi ate the noodles, cleaned up the mess and washed the dishes. He went to downstairs and then to garage, light switch were illuminating type, he had no problem in turning on the lights to find the way in the gigantic home. In the garage he found a tool box containing basic tools. He took screw drivers, a wood chisel, hammer, pliers and an adjustable wrench. In the garage there was a closet with a keyed lock, keys were hanging to it. He took a look at the lock and went upstairs to look at the Russet Frazier’s bedroom door, it was keyless lock that could be only locked from inside, all locks in the home were similar except those that led to outside. Rishi unscrewed Russet Frazier’s bedroom lock; inner and outer pieces came in his hands. He went to garage closet and unscrewed that lock and replaced it with Russet’s bedroom lock, came upstairs, installed keyed lock at his bedroom, locked it with the key. He made a scratching mark on the wall as someone has thrown a tool on the wall. Rishi opened the door leading to the deck, he threw the keys in the swimming pool. When he tried to enter in the home, all doors were automatically locked so he went around the home and entered from unlocked downstairs door.
He installed keyed lock on the Russet Frazier’s door, not to let Cynthia enter in her father’s room and weep again.
He cleaned up all the debris he made at both locks. He came to his room but decided to sleep in the atrium. He brought his backpack there, wore his night clothes, brushed his teeth and spread his lion cloth on the laminated tiles and lay down placing his backpack under his head as pillow.
Then he thought may be Elysia had called Cynthia about the ghost, and she might be worried. But her number was in Rishi’s cell phone that he forgot at Mike McDonald’s home. Rishi rarely remembered any phone number. Rishi remembered that once Cynthia wrote her phone number in her email. He went downstairs to the computer that he had used to delete Dr. Ryan’s all emails, and also had emailed Kulcha to format the hard drive of his laptop in Bangalore. In Bangalore when Rishi was researching on Eel Serum, he was using someone else’s wireless internet connection because three unsecured connections were available in the building where they were living in Bangalore. From an email he found out Cynthia’s phone number. He walked back upstairs and placed the mouthpiece back on the phone and called Cynthia.
She cried, “How are you Rishi?”
“I am fine.”
“Did you see my father’s ghost?”
“Yeah, why you asked?”
“You fool, like it is not a big deal, get out of the home immediately. I am calling taxi for you.”
“Remember that sniffing snuff?”
“Yeah I remember about your sniffing snuff; what about it?”
“Your Pa is scared of it, I sprinkled all over in the home and he ran away from here.”
“You sure he ran away?”
“Yeah I saw him running away, myself, with my own tic-buttons”
“What tic-buttons?”
“My eyes,” he said, “you silly.”
She laughed. “Did he say anything?”
“He said, Avios Amigo.”
“What did you reply then?”
“I said: you are always welcome in your own home.”
“You should never have said him that.”
“At that time I though I was in him home so …….”
“Where did you see him?”
“First he was all over the place, and then he was changing the lock at a door.”
“Changing his lock? What lock?”
“At some door that led from the atrium to the right, after passing your door, and then taking a left at the bathroom.”
“It was his suite, his bedroom.”
“How I know that it is his suite? Nobody tells me anything. I was drinking my beer in the atrium and minding my own business. I heard a clang and went there to look what is going on.”
“Really he was changing the lock on the door.”
“I guess so, he threw a monkey wrench on me, but I dodged. There is a mark at the sheetrock.”
“Oh really! He tried to hit you?”
“Yeah but then I threw some snuff on him he sneezed and ran away. Have you ever seen him running?”
“You should have seen him, oh boy, he is so funny when runs.”
“You always be careful of his ghost Rishi.”
Rishi heard laughing in the phone. “OK I will be careful, who is laughing?”
“We are listening to you on the speaker phone. Kiyoshi and Rarisa think you are making this all up.”
“What about you?”
“Yes I know you are making it up; a little may be true.”
“I can show you the monkey wrench that he threw at me.”
Now everybody was laughing at the other side. Rishi ended the call.
He went to sleep.


When Mitsuki knocked on their door at 11.30pm, Kiyoshi, Cynthia and Rarisa were still in laughs that were bursting at their seams. They bowed to each other.
Mitsuki wondered, “Why are you laughing?”
“Mitsuki San, Rishi kicked out Russet Frazier’s ghost from his home.”
“He is staying there. Two people saw his angry ghost and ran away from there.”
Mitsuki was scared, he wiped sweet from his forehead.
“Don’t worry Mistuki San,” Rarisa assured him, “Rishi is having good fun there.”
He sat down.
“It was a very long day for you Mitsuki San,” Cynthia said putting her hand on his shoulder.
“This Rishi had put me to the toughest meditation – running a billions dollars empire but without a cause.”
Nobody knew what to say, they all sat in silence, they all pondered about what he said.
“He asked me to run the things for the fun of it. But it is no fun, I am trying hard.”
“Mistuki San, when Rishi himself is visiting on the earth to have just the fun,” Cynthia said, “why can’t we.”
“I guess you are right, running the monastery was not an easy job too but at least I was in peaceful environment.”
“Were you in peace?” Ririsa said, “You were waiting for the Buddha and he arrived and gave you a job.”
“No I was not in a peace but now I have no time to know if I am in peace or not.”
They laughed.
Rarisa gave him an unsweetened herbal tea that he missed the whole day.
He said to Cynthia with a sigh, “Tomorrow you are expected at the head quarters from two to eight. To sign documents with bankers, insurance companies, accountants and underwriters. Please bear with me for at least ten days.”
“And, Mitsuki San, when you would be visiting the property that should be bought for Buddhist retreat.” Cynthia asked, “I am very tempted to have it for us all.”
“Oh my Buddha, Oh my Buddha; I have no time tomorrow. Not even a single second. I will ask if Levin cam come there.”
“Please Mitsuki San please.”
“OK, then I will arrive at your home at 10 sharp on the helicopter, we will make a quick tour of your home, to see how we can accommodate a monastery there. Then we will go to see this tree home. I will bring our architect and also CFO to arrange a smooth transfer.”
Cynthia clapped with happiness, they all clapped.
At midnight Mitsuki left their home, Dr. Kiyoshi walked with him to the monastery and then returned to his home.

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