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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Saturday, April 2

Cynthia had a good night’s sleep after many years. At 7am, she woke up refreshed. That was something to ponder. How and why this has happened. She tried to recreate her last evening: lots of laughs, walking in the moon light, adventure with a snake, smell of fresh jasmine flowers, vista of the rocky hills and farmlands. Or it was just the presence of Rishi. It was suppose to be just a plain meeting but turned out a deep affection and friendship in just one evening.
She had a bath, ordered coffee and turned on her laptop. In the yahoo messenger she invited Rishi for a chat; he was online too and instantly replied. Her father was still snoring in his room, any night he had drinks at night he rose late.
She called Rishi.
“Hi Rishi.”
“Hi Cynthia, how are you?”
“I am fine and thanks for everything.”
“Ha ha ha. Like that was a hard job. Things happened, and tell you what?”
“It was fun to walk with you,” Rishi said.
“That is very flattering.”
“No I really mean that, I can prove it again today.”
“Wow! Wow!” Her heart skipped a beat.
“Meet me at 9am at the reception.” He said.


At 9am Frazier Russet was still sleeping she left him a note and took the elevator to the reception. Rishi was waiting for her with a newspaper in his hand. He again took her hand in his both hands and started shaking, she started laughing.
She pointed to the restaurant in the hotel, “What about breakfast.”
“We will have breakfast, but not here. Let’s go.”
They walked in the streets and he knew the way. He took her to a local restaurant, it was full and they had to wait for their number to sit. Rishi ordered for both, food unbelievingly delicious. After coffee Rishi paid the bill, to her amazement it was not even one dollar. They left the hotel; she didn’t ask Rishi about where he will be taking her she just walked along him.
Then she remembered she forgot her cell-phone in the room, upon her arrival in India she bought prepaid cell-phone from the kiosk in the hotel lobby.
“Don’t worry, I forgot mine too.” They laughed.
Rishi hailed an auto-rickshaw and they arrived at Interstate Bus Station. He took her to an ordinary bus because the stop where they were to get off was not served by express or air-conditioned buses. Bus left the station and in half hour they were out of the town in the rolling hills and farmlands. Six kilometers after the town of Dodballarpur they left the bus at a small hamlet and took the small road that was going in the direction of some hills. After the zigzag road passed a rail track, it entered in the rocky hills terrain and the valleys were covered with grape, papaya and pomegranate orchards. They were at three thousand feel altitude and weather was very pleasant.
After they passed a village, local folks were selling their produces at farmer’s stalls. Rishi bought sugarcane from a stall; farmer stripped it off and cut it in two equal pieces. Rishi bit small slices off and started chewing; after initial difficulty Cynthia too started chewing. They walked, laughed and talked. In most stalls and farms both husband and wives were working.
She asked, “Rishi it appears, these people live in a harmony. I doubt if they have divorce culture as we have in the west.”
“These are poor people, intense hard work of both husband and wife is required to make the ends meet and also to raise the children. They can not afford divorce.”
“Huh!” she said in reply. His sugarcane was finished and she got tired of chewing, she threw away her sugarcane.
Their hands were sticky with the juice. At a turn Rishi saw a pond, they went and washed their hands and faces, then they sat on the grass. Punarva was growing there too. Rishi plucked some leaves and washed them, ate some of them. She was looking at him with curiosity.
“Remember I told you about the herb Punarva.”
“Oh yeah yeah!”
“Today morning I checked it on internet, it is indeed a liver and kidney medicine. Its botanical name is: Boerhavia Diffusa.”
She said, “Most of the time, liver is the cause of the kidney problems.”
He gave her some leaves but she only inspected them but did not eat.
“Remember I gave these leaves to Jatin. He has all sort of problems – liver, kidney, hypertension and diabetes.”
“Yeah he was telling me same.”
“Interested thing happened in this morning, his wife called in this morning. She said the puffs below his eyes are almost gone now.”
She held Rishi’s home and uttered in amazement. “No kidding.”
“That’s what she said. She really believes that it was the effect of this herb Boerhavia Diffusa but her husband did not believe it. He said it was just a coincidence.”
“Now she wants to identify this herb. I will try to find it around where they live.”
“I am sure you will find it again.” She laughed and then nibbled a little piece of the leaf.
A boy who brought two cows to the pond was staring at them.
He said in excitement, “If you are interested in herbs I can show you one.”
“I will give you ten rupee,” said Rishi.
He ran to the hill facing the pond and returned with some blades of a tall blue grass, in his hands. “Chew a little piece.” He handed the fistful of grass to both Rishi and Cynthia.
Rishi chewed the grass piece and cried, “Wow it is Lemongrass!”
Cynthia held the grass-blades and rubbed them against each other then smelled.
She cried, “Lemongrass yes, citronella perfume, my favorite.” She kept the grass under her nose. She remembered Rishi said to her last night when air was filled with jasmine perfume.
Just be with this aroma of the creation.
Rishi gave the boy twenty rupee, he left happily. Rishi begun to rise but then he saw she was completely absorbed in the smell of the lemongrass, with her eyes closed. He sat down. It was 2pm. It was his responsibility to find lunch for her.


Russet Frazier woke up at 11am. He read Cynthia’s note but then he saw she left her cell phone and money pouch. He was worried; she was in India first time. I was understood that she went to the same gang, where else. He called Arvind, she was not at his home or at Jatin’s.

Arvind called Rishi, his cell-phone kept ringing, after repeated calls, Rishi’s roommate Shesha answered and told that Rishi has left in the morning. In the weekends, Rishi rarely took his cell-phone with him. It was not hard to figure that Cynthia was with Rishi. Arvind and Jatin, both were now annoyed at Rishi’s behavior that he was aggressive pursuing his friendship with American Billionaire’s daughter. This could create some nasty or dangerous situation for them.

Russet Frazier inquired at the reception, reception clerk remembered it very well that the daughter of this high profile white business left the hotel with an Indian man aged around thirty and he told Russet. Russet did not like it all, he was boiling in anger.

He was a scheme plotter; he had no habit of confronting. He assumed Arvind and Jatin set it up or anyway they initiated this. Lured her daughter, may be now it has already gone out of their own control. This Rishi was posing a grave danger to him, his daughter chasing him madly and ……

He was thinking, he wanted to meet Rishi. It was always his policy: Know your enemy first.


After relaxing at the pond, Rishi and Cynthia started walking again. Now the farms disappeared and at each bend road either ascended or descended.
He said, “So tell me why I was invited at Arvind’s home?”
She told him how Arvind mentioned that he knew an enlightened and all.
Rishi laughed.
“Don’t you want to know why I am so keen to be with you?”
Yes she wanted to know that but did not ask him in the fear of losing his company.
She said, “I won’t say that I don’t want to know it but I am having good time with you.”
“Yesterday, as I saw your face…..” He stopped.
“Yes --- you saw my face; then.”
“Forget it. You were saying you are having good time with me.” Just for the sake of amusement Rishi wanted to create the mystery.
Now she really wanted to know. “Hey, don’t change the subject. You saw my face and then what? Tell me, tell me.”
“It was nothing.”
“No no no. It was something. My face and then …. What?”
“Nothing was wrong with your face.”
She grabbed his hand and said, “Tell me or I will bite you.”
Rishi laughed.
“When I saw your face – a guru found a disciple.”
She had a loud laugh. “Rishi I do not believe a word what you just said.”
“No there’s more, the whole thing must be told.”
She was still laughing – “What more?”
“When I saw your face I saw a tormented soul, dark circles around the eyes …. .”
She abruptly stopped, tears fell from her eyes.
She said to herself: He is with me out of pity.
While looking at her face he said, “He is with me out of pity.”
She was stunned. They just met yesterday, several times she felt Rishi can read thoughts but she always thought it was a coincidence.
He can read thought.
Rishi held her hand and pulled her again to walk.
“Your face, when I saw, that a flower needed watering, a very small investment and then its fragrance, its perfume, flame of friendship, grace of love will be flowing.”
Tears were still falling from her eyes; she smiled and wiped her face on his tee shirt.
“Thanks Rishi. Thanks for everything.”
“Cynthia, it is fun to be with you. Thank you.”
“First flattery and now flirting, you move fast.”
“You too move fast.”
She laughed.
“How can you read my thoughts?”
“Did I read your thought?”
“Then may be I can or may be not.”
Road descended to cross a small brook, then it ascended. Big clusters of lemongrass were growing at both sides. Just to make sure Rishi broke the rough abrasive blade and chewed a part of it, it was lemon grass. He plucked a bunch of blades and forced them to his pocket. He plucked another bunch and handed it to Cynthia. After road rose, a small village appeared, many trails and dirt roads merged there. In the village, lady was running a tea shop; she told Rishi she can make them instant noodles if they want. They had no other choice.
After instant noodles Rishi asked for two cups of black tea and sat on the rocks which served as bench to the villagers, under a big fig tree.
When a boy brought them two cups of steaming black tea, Rishi put lemongrass in each cup. Cynthia never had such marvelous tea in her life.

They walked again and road was now gradually climbing again. At a turn, they abruptly sighted a palm tree that was completely covered by bougainvilleas, a dance of florescent magenta color and behind it was blue sky. Rishi stopped and gazed at the dangling flowers, the reflection from the tree was producing crimson hue on the grey granite rocks in the evening sun was also turning orange.
She was about to say something but Rishi raised his hand to stop her. She too looked at the tree and its surrounding, it was mesmerizing. He took her to the round rocks by the path; she sat on a round rock and he lay in the flat granite slap and tried to contain the scene in his all senses.

Cynthia felt a movement near her feet, she saw a large chameleon, she was about to scream but then she laughed. Chameleon was also wearing the colors of the red granite and bougainvillea. They spend half hour there and then again walked. A small puppy that was ran over was some vehicle, was lying dead in the middle of the road, after some distance another puppy was standing, as it saw them it started yelping. Rishi picked it up and looked for its mother, the bitch. They heard the barking of a dog; they followed the road to the next bend of the road, by the road, it was a bitch in the cavity in the earth with three more puppies sucking her.
Rishi said to her, “These puppies have no chance of survival. They are too close to the road.”
“What can we do about it?” Cynthia asked.
“We must move her near the village where she is safe and also can find food.”
“But how can we do ….”
Rishi started throwing stones towards the dog but intently missed her. She started barking and ran away. Rishi tried to pick all the puppies but struggling puppies tried to run away. She was too confused to do anything but was only watching him.
Rishi took off his T-shirt and bundled all puppies in it and started walking back to the village. She followed. One puppy slid out of the cloth and fell down. She picked it up and followed Rishi. Bitch was barking and following them. Near the village Rishi placed the puppies, far away from the road. He shook off his T-shirt to get rid of the dirt but it was too dirty. He inverted it and wore it.
As they were returning to the road, Cynthia looked back, bitch ran to her puppies and licked them and then started digging a hole for the new home.
Cynthia shouted with excitement, “Look look Rishi, she is making a new home.”
Then she held Rishi’s hand and started swinging it like a pendulum till her arm was tired.

It was 3pm. They arrived at the high place where in a small village, a big temple was visible.
“This is Subramanya Ghati (valley) and the Subramanya Swami Temple,” Rishi told her.
In the horizon rail line passed on the hills, they heard a train. A long blue train from Bangalore was going in the north direction.
“Are you tired?”
She shook her head in no.
“We may have to walk at least two more miles or we can get some transportation from the temple.”
She agreed to walk so they walked. They stopped at a small bazaar in front of the temple and had a cup of tea and samosas and then started walking again to the other end of the valley. Now road descended to the bottom where a small river was passing. Many white herons were standing in the water. As Rishi and Cynthia approached the water all herons flew away in a flutter. Rishi cupped his hands and washed his face and arms. Then he took off his shoes and went in the knee deep water and felt the gentle flow of slight cold water. She too washed her face and arms and entered in the water and stood by him. One heron returned and stood near them and was looking at them in curiosity.
She whispered in Rishi’s ears, “It is so beautiful.”
It was the last of the sunlight; they sat on the rocks by the water for some time. Whole valley was washed in crimson color. In few moments sun went behind the hill and sunlight turned into the shadow. Road started climbing, at the top, in a hut a song was playing on the stereo. It was a man-woman duet.
Rishi stopped and sat on the ledge with his eyes closed. He was listening that song, his whole body was listening, the song, the noise of the gale, rustling of the trees and song of the birds. She too sat with him; song was in some local language. She was looking at the valley below. Song ended and Rishi opened his eyes.
She said, “Beautiful melody, tell me what it meant.”
“I have no idea. Probably it was a Tamil.”
“But you were listening like you ….”
“It was music, melody and the sounds of singers, all together. It just hit to my heart and I stopped.”
“Oh I see, I tried to comprehend the words of the sound, I missed the music.”
He smiled.
Three mongooses were crossing the road, one large one probably the mother and two young one’s in the toe.
“What animals were those,” she said.
“It is Mongoose, the enemy of the snakes.”
“Wow! I think I saw the fights at National Geography channel.”

Evening was getting darker, they left the place.
She spoke, “Well Rishi I think I should tell you a something, I should or should not. Anyway you can read my thought. And not telling you mean risking your friendship.”
“I do not expect my friends to tell me what they don’t want.”
She laughed. “Because anyway you know what they want to tell you.”
He smiled.
“My father is planning to stop all orders at Lasergear. A company in Malaysia is already ready to fill his orders.”
Rishi laughingly said, “Everything is fair in business, love and war.”
“It is not that he told me, I overheard him talking with his executives.”
“Thanks Cynthia.”
“Rishi It may affect your job that’s why I told you.”
Rishi laughed.

They walked at the road where it crossed under railway line. At another turn they were at the main road facing the train station of Makali Durg. They had another cup of tea. To give way to a truck an express bus slowed down to almost halt and Rishi and Cynthia boarded it. Bus was mostly empty, they took front seats.
They arrived in Bangalore at 9pm.
Rishi took her to another typical South Indian restaurant and without consulting her he ordered their food. They ate South Indian meals with several curries and chutneys. It was even delicious than the breakfast she ate in the morning.
Auto-rickshaw brought them to her hotel.
“Bye Cynthia.”
“And. What about tomorrow?”
Rishi laughed. “Let the tomorrow come.”
“I will call you.”
“Yes. Call me.”
“Bye Rishi.”
Rishi waved his hand; he turned and walked out of the hotel driveway.
That was the happiest day of her life. As she was walking in the direction of the elevators a Hindi movie song was playing in the low volume on the addressing system. She instantly became aware of the melody and sat on the sofa, closed her eyes and tried to be with the sound. After the song was over she rose and took the elevator.

When she entered in the suite, her father was sitting with two people; table in the front was covered with several documents. He waved them and said hello and entered in her room. She was very tired, it was first time in her life she walked this long and all was on the hilly terrain. She collapsed on the bed and fell to sleep without changing clothes.


When Rishi entered in his room his cell phone was ringing, it was Arvind and he was drunk. He stared yelling at Rishi.
Rishi listened to him without interrupting.
At the end he begged Rishi to stay away from Cynthia.
When Arving stopped talking, Rishi said, “Ashwini you are too drunk to handle the news I have to share. Call me when you are sober.”
“What did you say?” He screamed, “I will fire you.”
Rishi disconnected the phone, switched it off and placed it on the charging dock.
He placed two pillows and rested his head over it and lay down.
His three housemates were gaping at him from the half open door, they looked like peeking monkeys. They entered in his room.
“Wow Kulcha, Fulka and Kulfa, what’s up buddies?”
Rishi had no bed or any furniture; actually none had any furniture, they all sat on the mattress, on the floor.
Fulka who was fat boy, a genius computer programmer, he said, “Your boss called you many times. You are in a big trouble.”
Kulfa who was lean as a stick, an accountant, he said, “In big big trouble.”
Kulcha who had a big pot belly, a pharmacist, was exactly five feet tall, he added, “Big big big trouble.”
Rishi said, “You mean the biggest trouble? You may lose your job.”
They nodded. Kulfa was looking at Rishi’s face. He always blinked a lot and time to time closed his eyes tightly for a moment. He was now blinking even faster.
“This means I must borrow money from you to get bye.”
Their face hung.
Kulcha with the pot belly said, “You are making lots of money where has that gone?”
“I keep it for rainy days.”
“We keep ours money too for our rainy days, Coach,” Fulka said in anger.
“We must help each other when it is not raining, man.” Rishi replied.
They all called Rishi, Coach. Kulfa, Kulcha and Fulka were their nick names.
“Coach, remember tomorrow is Sunday, you promised to help me,” Kulcha said to Rishi.
“I don’t remember anything that I promised you.”
“That you will help me write that love letter and also deliver it to that girl in Indira Nagar.”
“You were to bring me bed-tea for two weeks?” said Rishi.
“I am making tea for you for the last three weeks; I am marking your calendar.” Kulcha pointed to the calendar hanging on a nail on the wall.
“Love letter are obsolete man.”
“Then go ask her phone number,” Kulcha commanded Rishi, “And then SMS her from your cell phone. Tell her about me.”
“OK I will sing your praises.”
Fulka asked, “Coach, what did you do this time, man. Your boss is angry?”
“I went out with this girl man.”
“Girl who, boss’s daughter?”
Rishi said, “Well; let’s put it this way: daughter of the boss’s boss.”
Kulcha said, “Hoy man. So boss is going to fire you.”
“It seems boss’s boss is going to fire him and he is going to fire me.”
“It is all because you took that girl out?” asked Fulka.
“My dear fellows it is very complicated. Very very complicated.”
Rishi was shaking his head but they nodded.
Fulka said, “Coach, did you know: I have joined a laughing club. They meet each Sunday evening, between 4-6pm at the park by bull temple.”
“Wow! Good news man. Laughing is good for you. Be careful, that park if full of bats.”
“Baaaaats. I don’t like them.”
“You don’t have to like them man.”
“Coach will you visit us there at laughing club.”
“Our club is meeting tomorrow at six pm.”
“What are you doing tomorrow Coach.”
“I don’t know man.”
“You are not again going out tomorrow with Boss’s Boss’s Boss’s daughter?”
They all laughed except Kulfa, he was blinking very fast.
“I don’t know man.”
“Hey Coach don’t tell me that she also made you a God, that your idol is now situated in her heart,” said Kulfa, he was blinking; his eyes were flickering like a malfunctioning tube light.
Rishi said, “Guys, you mean her heart has become a Hanuman Temple now?”
Fulka said, “Yeah yeah yeah, her heart too has become the temple of the Monkey-God, Mahavir-The Mighty-Warrior, Son-of-the-Winds, and The-Great-Servant-of-God-Rama.”
They laughed very loud.
Kulcha asked, “So Coach, when we are going to meet your this new girl, your Boss’s Boss’s Boss’s Boss’s daughter?”
“How about tomorrow?”
They stopped laughing and started gaping at Rishi’s face.
“How about here.”
Kulfa’s eyes were flickering like a malfunctioning neon light, he asked, “Where would she sit. We ain’t got no chair, Coach.”
“We will pile up our suitcases and make a divan,” said Rishi.
“This means we must clean this house and catch all the rats. You know girls are scared of rats,” Kulcha said.
Rishi asked, “How many rats we got here.”
“I think we got three. Tinky, Minky and Dinky.”
Rishi said, “I think there is another one with the long ears. Yesterday he was in my shoe.”
“That is Minky.”
“Coach I am going downstairs to Chowkidar to borrow his rat catcher.” He Kulcha rose and left.
“I got to sleep now. I am tired. Now leave and shut the door.” Rishi said.


It was a windy noon in the San Francisco, California. Two weeks ago at the anonymous HIV testing center, Dr. Ryan MD (Anesthesiologist), discovered that he was HIV positive, clinic ran a follow up confirmatory test and declared him HIV positive. Same day he got himself retested at another anonymous clinic, result was the same. He was drug addict for the last 3 years prescription drugs, crack-cocaine and sometime amphetamine.

Six weeks ago, in the height of drug induced euphoria he shared needles with some friends and when he returned to the real world he was worried. There was no sense to get tested for HIV, because incubation period was two to four weeks. In the panic to avoid from being infected and also to keep it confidential, he stole a prescription form from his colleague and prescribed antiviral medicines to his druggie friend and paid him cash and collected the medicines. He prayed God and started going to church at each Sunday, but prayers did not work.

Initially he took the news as it was a death sentence. He was very angry, he wanted to find out the person who gave him the disease and kill him, but gradually he overcame the trauma. Life was short; to enjoy it to the full extent he started taking drugs more often.

Dr. Ryan was thirty four, tall, athletic, a charming face. His friends considered him ‘the sexiest man in the town’. They all knew he could walk to any woman, whisper fifteen words in her ear, arms-in-arms seconds later. What followed was the hottest night one ever imagined!! Of course, drugs were the secret of his bed adventures. What his friends did not know that he was dead broke, he was spending more money on drugs than he was earning. He sold his own home, and sold his father’s home too and half of that belonged to his brother who was handicapped and a meager clerk in a supermarket.

He was with his friend Bill Murphy Esquire (Attorney of Law). Both friends shared each other’s all secrets except the recent one that he was HIV positive. Bill held the cigarette lighter under the aluminum fool, heated the crack-cocaine, closed his one nostril with his thumb and sucked up half of the drug with other nostril.
Dr. Ryan sucked the other half of it, he closed his eyes and tried to hold his breath and euphoria set in some seconds. In supreme confidence a scheme was born in his mind.
He asked Bill, “Say Bill. If a woman has a contagious disease and she marries a man and passes him the infection. Can she sue her for the damages?”
Bill replied, “First thing to prove is who has infected whom and then it depends upon many other things.”
Dr. Ryan’s was thinking, after two minutes he said.
“Say who-has-infected-whom, if there are proofs that the wife or the girlfriend at that time had the disease and passed it to her husband or boyfriend.”
“Was it intentionally or unintentionally and also knowingly or unknowingly?”
“What difference it makes in any case, one gave the disease to the other.”
“It makes a hell of a difference, if a wife knowingly withholds the information from her husband that she is infected with some contagious disease, and then passes that disease to the husband. This is not a justifiable trust in the marriage and of-course he can sue her for the damages.”
Ryan was smiling.
Bill continued, “However if it is proved that the wife had some infectious medical condition and she knowingly withheld it from her husband; and intentionally passed it to her husband. This is a criminal conduct, attempted murder, punishable by law.”
“And a civil matter too.”
“And a civil matter too. Yep,” Bill said.
Now Ryan was grinning all over his face as if he’d just located some goldmine.
“So Doctor,” Bill said slowly, not looking directly at him in case Ryan found he could see through him, which would prove that he had finally cracked into this secret. “You are playing some games?”
Ryan’s smile was now even larger. He was so handsome that it made Bill sigh.
“I know you Doctor, when you got that smile on. You are into something. Looks to me you can’t handle what you got.”
Ryan thought about it. Now there was no sense in hiding his scheme. Anyway he couldn’t handle it alone. It is good to have a lawyer as a partner because after all laws were to be used in the game.
“Two weeks ago I found out I am HIV positive.”
“I am very sorry to know about it Doctor.”
“No sorry, this could be ours goldmine. Mine as well yours.”
Smile was now extended to Ryan’s earlobes. Bill suppressed a wave of anger and placed his feet on the table and reclined his easy chair further.
Wish I had this face.
“Tell me about it,” asked Bill.
“I am HIV positive and billionaire Russet Frazier daughter Cynthia is madly in love with me.”
Bill rose and dropped down the blinds. He dragged his reclining chair near Ryan.
They whispered for two hours.

Final plan was that, Dr. Ryan will transmit his disease to Cynthia. He will refrain himself from having sex with her. Somehow he will sedate her and inject her needle contaminated with his own blood somewhere in her throat, in a way she will never discover the puncture mark. From now on he will always wear condom during sex with other girls, so not to infect anybody or at least till the conclusion of this plan. He will not leave any trace that he had this disease before Cynthia had it. She is gone to India with her father is expected to return in three days. He will stop taking antiviral medicines so his CD4-T cells count goes down, a calculated acceptable risk. As she is infected he will go to Mexico and buy antiviral medicines and keep treating himself. There was no double that Cynthia will marry him. He will work his charms on her father too. All girls wanted to marry him. After marriage he will wait like a vulture for the day she will discover her disease. All hell will break loose in her life. Then as it is usual, hospital will ask him to get tested too. He will start living apart. Bill Murphy will be his attorney; they will threat Russet Frazier with a complaint to police and also a massive civil lawsuit. They will present all the proof that she infected him and also she knew about her disease but withheld it from him. She intently passed him the disease because she was suspicions about his extramarital affairs. To save his face Russet Frazier will have no choice but to settle in secrecy. They will make tens of million dollars, lots of money for both Dr. Ryan and Bill, more than enough to buy cocaine for the life time. Ryan though about his disease, he will take antiviral medicines for rest of his life, a minor nuisance, no big deal, will be rich, only that matters. And about Cynthia, who cares about a filthy rich bitch. She is never happy anyway; she too can take antiviral medicines for whole life. She already has too many joys that money can buy.

Bill Murphy was financially not on the firm ground either. At the age of thirty-nine, four children from two wives, child support, alimony to the third. No home to call his own and now a cocaine and amphetamine addict. He decided to go along with Dr. Ryan but with great caution. He will guard his each and every step.

Ryan stood up to leave; he was on the call and had to visit hospital.
“OK Billy, time to go buddy.”
“Take care, Doctor.”
“Can you give me a thousand bucks?”
“Come on Doctor, you know my condition.”
“I know your condition very well but I need money to start work on the plan, you know.”
He again gave him a big smile.
Bill took out his checkbook from the drawer, wrote a bearer check but then changed his mind and tore off the check.
Do not leave any trace.
“Oops! No money in the account. Let’s go. You follow me to the ATM.”
He had no choice but to draw more cash advance on his credit car

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